Ascension Lutheran Church

Church Service Committees

Would you like to serve the congregation by taking a seat on a committee?  Contact the Church Office to learn more!


Manages personnel issues and other church business. Chair

Arts and Spirituality

The committee’s framework is to be one of encouraging reflection on the message of the Church’s seasons, as well as incorporating the seasons of nature in the Fireside Room, Art Wall, the church entry and the sanctuary.

Bible Study Group

Wednesday Bible Study (seasonal)
Every Wednesday at 9:30am. Conversational approach to scripture

Community Life

Reach out to people in the immediate area and throughout the world by spreading the Word of God through various services and events. Chair

Congregational Life

To foster and promote spiritual unity for existing, new and prospective members.  Includes the Parish Care Team.

Faith Formation/Education

To plan, implement, provide and evaluate life-long Christian education. Leader of Family Ministry


Includes the Arts and Spirituality and Landscape sub-committees: Maintain the buildings and grounds in proper appearance and safe operating condition.



Includes the Memorial and Endowment sub-committees

Good Samaritan

Offers financial help to members in crisis.

Mission Endowment Committee

A perpetual fund that supports the mission and ministries of Ascension during your lifetime and beyond. Chair

Mutual Ministry

Support for Ascension’s ministry and ordained staff.


Encourage members to contribute their resources, time and talents necessary to fulfill the visions of the congregation.

Worship and Music

Work with the pastor to ensure the Gospel is proclaimed and the Sacraments are rightly administered. Maintains a strong music program in support of worship services.

Church Choir

Ascension Choir is a full choir; soprano, alto, tenor, base.

Grace Notes Bell Choir

Ascension Bell Choir

(Last Updated 5/19/2024)