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What kind of church is this?

Ascension strives to be a welcoming, open, embracing and loving community.  When asked if we are liberal or conservative, the answer is “yes,” and we love the diversity.  We welcome people from all or no religious traditions.  All ages, parents with young children, single adults, everyone is encouraged to join us as we gather to read Scriptures, sing, profess our faith and gather strength to return to our daily lives.  Our pastor will be happy to hear and answer your questions.


What kind of services do you have?

At Ascension we worship in a liturgical fashion, which means we follow a set pattern for our worship order. Everything that is needed to participate in the service is printed in the bulletin handed out as you enter the sanctuary, including the music.

In our morning service at 9:30 AM, we use different settings of the liturgy, including those found in Evangelical Lutheran Worship (ELW).  We also utilize the liturgies written by Marty Haugen and other contemporary liturgical musicians.

May I take Communion?

CommunionAll are welcome at the Lord’s table.  Communion is a sign of God’s love, care and constant concern for all people.  It is a sacrament that we all belong together because we are sons and daughters of a loving God.

We serve communion using intinction.  We receive a long piece of bread which is then dipped into a chalice of red wine or white grape juice.  Gluten free bread is available; ask the pastor when being served.  If you are unable to come forward, the pastor will bring communion to you in your pew.  Please ask an usher.

If your child has taken communion at a previous church, they are welcome at our table, regardless of age.  The pastor will ask whether or not your little one receives when you come up for the bread.  If they do not, they may receive a blessing.

Is there child care available?

Yes! We offer supervised child care during all of our services in our nursery. Our Nursery Directors, Lauren & Sarah, will be happy to answer your questions and welcome your children.  We do ask that, if your child has been sick, that you refrain from bringing them to the nursery until they have been fever-free for at least 24 hours.

What kind of Sunday School activities do you offer?

Lots!  Check out the Children and Middle and High School areas to find out more!

How do I find out more about Ascension Lutheran Church?

Contact us and let us know what you’re curious about and we’ll do our best to get you answers! The office can be reached by email ([email protected]) or by calling 541-773-3594 during office hours. We look forward to meeting you.